To Authors: We Can Help You Get Your Book Published!

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At Simenauer & Green Literary Agency, we’ll help you get your book published!  We believe the combination of our experience and personal service with your skill and creativity sells books.

We work closely with our clients in marketing and selling their manuscripts and ultimately getting them published, from the earliest stage of development, through the completion of the sale and beyond. We carefully limit the number of clients we accept so that we can serve each of them well. We have personally co-authored successful books, we have personally been on national authors’ tours, and we know what it takes to achieve publishing success.

We are strong in strategic planning and marketing. We take the journey with you from the birth of an idea to the development of an important and exciting book. We work with optimism to help you produce the kinds of proposals and manuscripts that demonstrate the skills today’s editors crave.

We assist you in marketing and promoting your manuscript so that it will reach the widest possible audience, using both social media and traditional media techniques and outlets. Also, we work with Hollywood agents to try to find additional homes for your book in the movies or television.

Client-agent communications are a core specialty. Once your manuscript is ready to be shown to the publishing world, at regular intervals we send you a detailed report outlining whom we have approached (queried) and where your manuscript is now. We stay in close touch with you throughout the entire time of your representation with our agency.

We get to know you, we cheer you on, we gently but directly challenge you when we think something could be improved, and we are persistent. We cheerfully but doggedly follow up with every busy publisher to whom we submit your work.

There is a new publishing world out there, evolving constantly, and we keep up with the latest news and developments so that we can pass them on to you. While the publishing landscape is adapting to the internet and new business structures, we believe there is one constant: Everyone loves a great story! What’s exciting to us is the world we enter each time we work with a new story.

We are just as enthusiastic about reading fiction (debut fiction, as well) as we are with reviewing non-fiction. See Submission Guidelines for more information.

— Jackie Simenauer and Carol H. Green

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