Writing a Book That Is Good Enough to Sell

Write, write, write … your book until it is good enough to sell!

Play with words: romance those words, fall in love with them, mold them, dream them, toy with them, think of a scene and describe it with a single word. Visualize! Feel! Obsess!

Study, study, study … good writing and strong research until your book is good enough to sell!

Learn everything you can get your hands on about your subject (A train ride through Mongolia? A fateful trip to the supermarket that changes lives forever?)

Study your genre (romance, thrillers, historical non-fiction). What’s current?  Who is your competition?  What are they doing? How can you be different?

Learn, learn, learn … about writing and imagery until your manuscript is good enough to sell!

Join a writing group or attend workshops or creative writing classes to get critiques of your work. Write constantly. Practice the art of description. Practice the art of creating imagery and stirring emotions with as few words as possible. Practice solid factual research.

In other words, unleash your passion to write a book, and … practice, practice, practice!

Then get practical. It’s time to pursue that exciting word — sell!

Use your writing skills to craft a strong query letter to us. Tell us briefly what your book is about and who you are, and give us sufficient material for us to determine (a) whether you have a strong, original fiction or non-fiction story to tell, and (b) whether your background, content and writing skills are sufficient to offer it to the market.

Think about what it will take for us – and you – to sell you and your manuscript in today’s competitive market. Will your work grab the reader and refuse to let him go until the last page is turned? How does it stand out from the others?

And, finally, don’t give up.

That’s how you accomplish writing a book that sells and succeed in making your transition from writer to author!

— Carol H. Green

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