Do You Need A Literary Agent?

Do you wonder why you need a literary agent? Your agent is your personal marketer, your cheerleader, your inspiration, your conscience, your nagging friend who reminds you what you need to do, like it or not!

She is there to sell your book.

She has contacts in the publishing world, including film, audio and international markets, and offers your manuscript to editors who specialize in the subject you write about. When your book is sold, she works with you as your representative in negotiating a contract with the publisher, makes sure you get paid, and then assists you as you develop future projects.

Publishers like to work with literary agents because agents help them screen the massive number of submissions to find the best possible books for publication. It’s  difficult to reach a publisher without an agent.

Many authors are turning to self-publishing, but a great percentage of these books languish without recognition or sales because the work lacks polish and because the author has no real idea how to market the work.

Agents sometimes help authors develop book ideas from scratch, especially in the non-fiction arena. An experienced agent can assist a writer in creating strong story lines and developing the core concept of the book. A book that sells is the product of fresh thinking, skillful story development and polished writing, none of which is easy for a writer to do alone.

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— Carol H. Green

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