Two National Security Thrillers by Matthew Betley Continue to Show Steady Progress in Sales

Matthew Betley
Matthew Betley
Matthew Betley continues to show progress in sales from his two thrillers, Oath of Honor and Overwatch.

When you read either of these books, your heart will race. You’ll grip the edge of your seat, and you will look up to find it’s 3:00 am!

Our agency represented his work for sale of these first two books to Simon & Schuster’s Emily Bestler Books, the publishing imprint for major thriller authors Brad Thor and Vince Flynn.

Matt is no stranger to newly evolved type of warfare found in today’s Middle East. After joining the Marine Corps in 1999, he spent 10 years as an officer after being trained as a scout sniper platoon commander, an infantry officer and a ground intelligence officer.  His experiences include deployments to Djibouti after 9/11 and Fallujah, Iraq, prior to the surge in staff officer support billets.

After reading a number of thrillers, he decided he could do better.

He gives us an unyielding Logan West, a former Marine officer who battles inner demons, and his former platoon sergeant, John Quick. Together they engage in battles around the globe against mercenaries, spies and other complex characters while the fate of America hangs in the balance.

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